All You Need To Know About All-Ceramics. [Module-3 Gingival Retraction, Impression,Shade Selection, Lab Communication]

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This Module consists of 3 chapters. You will cover the following topics under each chapter.

Chapter -1

  • Whether gingival retraction is necessary or not?
  • How to achieve gingival retraction?
  • Retraction Cord -from material selection, size, to the technique of placing it. It also includes an instructional clinical video to place retraction cord on both prepared tooth for the crown and veneers.
  • Retraction paste – from material choice to the technique of placement. It also includes an instructional clinical video to place retraction paste on the prepared teeth for the crown.

Chapter – 2

  • The goals of impression
  • Selection of impression material for All-ceramics
  • Various impression techniques- It includes an instructional video of single-stage putty wash impression and two-stage putty wash impression technique. Also mentions the Sectional impression and when to use it.
  • Common errors in Impression.

Chapter – 3

  • When to take Jaw relation records?
  • Provisional restorations- Also include a demonstration video of the Direct Provisional restoration method.
  • Shade selection
  • Lab Communication: –

– Essential tools for Proper Lab Communication

– Step by step guide for Effective Lab Communication.

Topics for this course

4 Lessons35m 21s

Gingival Retraction

Gingival Retraction10:30


From Jaw Relation to Lab Communication

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